A trip into the BC coast is an odyssey into varied and vibrant marine ecosystem. The northern tip of Vancouver Island marks the southern edge of the Great Bear Rainforest, where the temperate old growth rainforest meshes with the Pacific Ocean - home to 5 species of salmon, grizzlies, orcas, white bears, ravens, sea otter, wolves, herring, dolphins, whales, porpoise, sea lions,  and many marine birds. 

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We have been making films on the coast of BC since 1996.  Visit our video gallery to watch short films & learn about the wild and magical marine & terrestrial ecosystems of the Great Bear region, as well as the challenges faced in protecting them.  Film topics include coastal rainforest wolves, the wild salmon ecosystem, the impacts of industrial salmon farming, oil tankers, grizzly hunting and the marine wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

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Our expedition vessel is a rugged, safe, efficient, commercial 52ft motor-sailer that is equipped to go to the most remote parts of the coast and stay for long periods of time, providing a safe and comfortable accommodations for up to 6.  We specialize in providing diverse on-water services anywhere on the BC coast, including northern Vancouver Island, west coast, the central & north coast and Queen Charlotte Islands.

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We have worked with many marine research teams and film crews over the years and understand the requirements of these projects. We have tailored our boat to accommodate these needs, without the expensive frills.

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We have a wide assortment of HD/4k BC stock footage of whales, dolphins, salmon, bears, coastal scenics and underwater critters. We also have turtles, lion, & coral reef ecosystems.

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We shoot 4k above and underwater. Certified WCB Occupational SCUBA diver. 

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